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DPtech Assisted the Establishment of Graded Protect for Central Conservatory of Music


Central Conservatory of Music(CCOM), founded in 1949, is a specialized Chinese institution of higher education for nurturing high level music professionals. As China's only art academy listed among the national leading universities supported by the state “Project 211”, CCOM was selected in 2017 as the first batch “Double First-Class” universities.

Due to requirements on education sector put forward by the newly promulgated Cybersecurity Law, the general office of the ministry of education issued the Work Guidelines for Graded Information Security Protection for the Education Industry Information System and the Requirements of Cybersecurity Law.

In accordance with Guidelines for the Implementation of Graded Information Security Protection and Regulation on Protecting Key Information Infrastructures, DPtech conducted the compliance construction for the CCOM’s campus network. DPtech’s UAG3000-X Internet behavior management and flow control equipment was deployed on the exit of the campus network. In addition, safety assessment, optimization and reinforcement, as well as rectification planning were conducted for core businesses of the institution, including web portal, all-purpose card, student management and other systems, improving the safety protection mechanism for CCOM.

Differing from common network scenarios, the information systems of campus network in colleges and universities sever tens of thousands of devices simultaneously. The accounts of administrators, faculty and students all have different levels of access. In addition, the complexity of concurrent services, and the acuteness of internal security threats all pose great challenge for its management. Therefore, in order to guarantee the information safety of the university and its students, it is of vital importance to audit the behavior of network users, and to control the access of administrators of the information system.


According to the Clause 3, Article 21, Chapter 3 of the Cybersecurity Law, technical measures shall be taken to monitor and record the running status and the security events of the network, and relevant information be recorded shall be stored in the weblog for at least 6 months.

With the deployment of DPtech’s UAG3000-X, illegal network behaviors will be blocked automatically. In addition, the integrated high capacity hard disk can satisfy the need of log storage, ensuring traceability of events.


In terms of system management, DPtech UAG3000?X supports separation of the powers among system administrators, security and secrecy administrators and safety audit administrators. As a result, it not only meets the requirement of the law, but also enhances the safety of internal network.


The Article 25, Chapter 3 of the Cybersecurity Law prescribed that the operators of networks shall establish a contingency plan for network security events, and promptly handle safety risks, such as system vulnerability, computer virus, network attack and network intrusion.

contingency plan for network security events, and supported the construction of an improved campus network, ensuring the institution in successfully reaching the second grade of information system safety protection.

Currently, DPtech has provided graded protection solutions for over 50 “Double First-Class” higher education institutions, and more than 100 other colleges and universities. The application of DPtech’s service in CCOM will motivate us to continue forging ahead, providing safer network environments and premium solutions for customers of every industry.

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