DPtech on the 25th Annual Academic Conference of CERNET


CERNET’s 25th AnnualAcademic Conference and Member Assembly successfully concluded in Xining,Qinghai Province, On October 25. The theme of this conference is "IPv6:next generation Internet supporting the major development of education andscientific research in the new era”. More than 1200 leaders and experts fromuniversities and education departments of governments at all levels, andrepresentatives of CERNET member colleges member and business deputies have beenengaged in in-depth communication and heated discussion over the next-generationInternet and education digitalisation. Hangzhou DPtech Technologies Co., Ltd., specializedin the public security video transmission network, participated in theExhibition with the whole solution of self-security network, automatic securityrisk assessment platform, and threat level assessment platform.

Against the backdrop of anupgraded digitalization of education, DPtech proposes a security systemconstruction scheme tailored for digitalization of higher education. With thecombination of distributed data collection and centralized analysis platform,it gives users a clear picture of the network security situation, and carriesout hacker portraits to facilitate operation and maintenance related decision-making.It complements abnormal traffic analysis so as to reduce the risk of attacksand provides in-depth learning that improves the attack recognition rate to helpusers detect security threats.

With identification of theintegrated video private network assets, industry vulnerability detection, andautomatic verification of vulnerability the automatic security detectionplatform offers solutions to hardship in asset management, vulnerabilitydetection, vulnerability verification, and high construction and operationcosts.

Additionally, in orderto meet the requirements of class protection and to guard against the securityrisks in the affair management system of universities, DPtech has put forward targetedsolutions of hierarchical protection. DPtech also developed a pre-evaluationsystem of e class protection for the system so as to simplify the work of classprotection evaluation which offers a clear picture of class protectionevaluation scores as fast as possible. By far the system has been paidattention to and received positive reviews from teachers.

With a guideline of “makingthe network simpler, smarter and safer”, DPtech has been deeply engaged in theeducation industry, having launched several scenario-based solutions todifferent college networks. It solutions have been adopted by several keyuniversities of “985” and “211” project. In the future, DPtech will continue itscommitment to innovation and providing leading products and solutions.

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