Brief of Security China 2018: DPtech’s Solutions to Video Transmission Network Security Catches Eyes


The four-day China International Exhibition on Public safety and Security(Security China) has come to a close. This Exposition gathered techmanufacturers from various industries at home and abroad. Hangzhou DPtechTechnologies Co., Ltd. illustrated its overall security solution to videotransmission network through case studying, real-time attack and defensedemonstration and professional explanation of the programme. Representativesand officials visited and offered suggestions to DPtech. They are from the Ministryof Public Security, ten plus public security departments at provincial level,100 more public security units at city and county level, administration and lawsystem, traffic police, and water conservancy across the nation. And they welcomedthe products and solutions of DPtech.

By far DPtech has helped the completion of the projects of “Safe City”,“Full Coverage of Security” and “Intelligent Transportation” in nearly 200public security units in more than 20 provinces in China. It also undertakesthe security work of major international conferences including the G20 Summitin Hangzhou, Shanghai Cooperation Summit in Qingdao, BRICS Summit in Xiamen andthe Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian, revealing its leadership inthe construction of security system of public security video transmissionnetwork.

Let’s look at the brilliant performance of DPtech during the event.


Safe connection and total controllable: SecuritySystem of Public Security Video Transmission Network in Jilin Province


In order to put into solid action the Cyber Security Law of the People'sRepublic of China and the guidelines of documents released by the Ministry ofPublic Security on security protection of public security video surveillancesystem, Jilin Provincial Public Security Department cooperated with DPtech, duringwhich both sides worked in accordance with the idea of “strict border control,in-depth defense, active monitoring, comprehensive scrutinising” and principleof highlighting the key point and meet the urgent need first. At the core of theprimary security protection system of public security video transmissionnetwork at provincial, municipal and county levels is to focus on the front-endaccess control, system application area security protection and securitysupervision platform.

DPtech constructed a security system of Jilin Province's public securityvideo transmission network that realizes real-time monitoring, warning inadvance, timely disposal and traceability for users, ensuring that vital videoimage and confidential video will not go out of control and be leaked.


The city of Quzhou: modelproject of “FullCoverage of Security”


Quzhou City, as a national model of “Full Coverage of Security” project,has completed the construction of the project in local units at city, county,village levels three years ahead of schedule. The city also innovativelyintegrates the project with Smart city, which relies on artificial intelligencetechnology “Urban Data Brain” for safety protection. The system providesvaluable reference for the cities in the second and third phase of projectimplementation.


In theimplementation of the project, DPtech was responsible for the overall networkand security construction. Starting from the overall framework of publicsecurity video surveillance and network, DPtech provided an all-round securityguarantee for the project in five areas—front-end security, networkingsecurity, data security, application security and carrying transmission—makingthe project “fully controllable” as required.


Excellent Award for Innovative Products: DACInternet of Things Application Security Control System


DPtech Internet of Things Application Safety Control System won the Awardof Excellence for Innovative Products during the Exhibition.

In the future, DPtechwill continue working in video transmission network security and providingbetter product solutions and services to help the construction of social publicsecurity system, to develop more quality solutions, and to make the networksimpler, smarter and safer.

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