DPtech won the bid for Web Application Firewall of China Mobile for 2018-2020


Recently, China Mobileannounced the bidding results of Web Application Firewall (WAF) equipment from2018 to 2020. DPtech won the first place, winning 70% of the bidding. At thesame time, the volume reaches record high of China Mobile WAF equipmentpurchase.

It is no accident that DPtech’sWAF products stand out in the fierce competition. In terms of protectiontechnology, DPtech is able to carry out all-round detection of attack with its distinctiveWebshell risk analysis and detection engine, feature engine and intelligentsemantic analysis engine. The high detection rate of attacks and low falsealarm rate made DPtech lead the industry. When it comes to hardware reliabilitydesign, unlike the traditional third-party Bypass hardware, DPtech adoptsself-developed scheme that perfectly combines manual power-off protectiondesign with intelligent hardware of equipment and achieves zero informationloss under various abnormal circumstances including blackout and sudden restartof the whole machine. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements ofIPv6, DPtech’s WAF products in IPv4 and IPv6 environments can detect attacks indiscriminately.It also caters to customers using dual stack network.

Winning the bid is amajor breakthrough for DPtech in WAF equipment purchase in the market of ChinaMobile. At the same time, in sales of firewall products, anti-DDoS products andIPS products in the first half of 2018, Dipp Technologies entered the marketsmoothly, becoming the only bid-winner of WAF, firewall, anti-DDoS and IPS ofChina Mobile this year.

It is the continuousself-renovation and customer recognition and strong support for a long time thatcontributed to DPtech’s lasting leadership in the business. DPtech will becommitted to making greater contributions to China's network security.

WAF integrates Webprotection, Web page protection and Web application optimization. It putstogether new security conceptions and advanced innovative architecture toensure the sustained and stable operation of users' core applications andbusinesses. With the development of operators' various online platforms, higherrequirements are put forward for the reliability, availability, businesscontinuity and data sets of online systems. WAF can provide the most secure andreliable protection for operators' Web service systems.

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