Safe video connection for risk detection—DPtech assists Jilin put into action “Full Coverage of Security” Project


On November 9, aconference on promoting the construction of “Full Coverage of Security” Projectin Jilin Province was held in Jilin Municipal Comprehensive Governance Center.The conference reported to officials on-the-spot investigation of JilinComprehensive Governance Center System Platform, Jilin Public Security BureauVideo Command Platform, Jilin City Management Command Platform, and theapplication of " Full Coverage of Security" Platform.

In 2016, the city of Jilinwas made the model city of the Project in China. In this period, it sentdelegates from cities and counties (districts) to visit and study theexperience of the other city’s project implementation for many times. It took thecity two years to complete the design and implementation of the first phase of theproject in Jilin City in October 2018.

The Project takes fullcoverage, network sharing, full-time availability and full-rangecontrollability as its guideline. Based on integration of existing 10,000 plus monitoringfacilities, local government put up more than 5,000 new high-resolution publicmonitors and nearly 100 bayonet monitors. It improved intelligent technologies includingface recognition, human body recognition, vehicle recognition and panoramicmonitoring. And it finished the development of “video access system”, “securityprotection system”, “big data analysis system” and “three-dimensional displaysystem.”

The Project in JilinCity adopts the structure of “one center two sub-branches”, which refers to twosub-platforms: all-round management and public security. The applicationplatform of all-round management takes the sharing and integration of videoresources and big data at its core. It is responsible for command,coordination, dispatch, assessment, authority allocation and large dataanalysis, and carrying out a comprehensive management center at all levels. Theintegrated construction has realized the interdependence of systems and augmentationof the effect. Through the visual command system, the comprehensive managementcenter forms a business system covering the communities, which greatlyguarantees the coordination and linkage among the comprehensive managementcenters at all levels.


FullCoverage of Security” Project in Jilin City

Developmentof Safety System for All-round Management Platform

In order to realise “fullcontrollability” as required, the security protection of video application andplatform system are at the top of the agenda at the beginning of the developmentof the Project in Jilin City. Based on the needs of customers and actualscenarios, the security scheme the Project of DPtech is designed to introduce acomplete security system to enable safe video connection for risk detection andfull controllability for Jilin City.


VideoApplication Protection System

By deploying videoapplication protection equipment, the security risks of video application canbe detected and blocked in time.

DPtech provides userswith a full range of products and solutions covering the core of the network,Internet of Things application security control system and secure accessswitch. Deployment of DPtech’s DAC application security control system ensuresthe reliable access to equipment and ability to control. The network managementplatform functions with the whole network equipment as it distributesstrategies at the same time. It also provides asset and risk management toolsto realize the whole network access, resource protection and threat control.


PlatformBorder Safety Protection System

At the boundary ofInternet, video conference and video sharing platform, DPtech has built a basicsecurity protection system composed of firewall, intrusion prevention,vulnerability scanning, abnormal flow cleaning, WEB application firewall.

In using video data, thehigh-performance border security fusion gateway meets the requirement ofcombined high-resolution videos that eat up huge traffic. The innovative fusionarchitecture comprehensively lives up with the needs of high-performance, highreliability and easy maintenance.


SecurityThreat Detection Platform

With the platform's bigdata analytical capability, it can monitor the security threats in the networkin real time, help the comprehensive management center locate security risksquickly and dispose of them in time, and realize all-weather and all-round descriptionof network security situation.

After the completion ofthe first phase of the Project in Jilin City, the DPtech’s Safety ProtectionSystem of the Comprehensive Management Sub-platform has been put into use,providing a robust support for the safe and stable operation of the platform.

By far DPtech has helped the completion of the projects of “Safe City”,“Full Coverage of Security” and “Intelligent Transportation” in nearly 200public security units in more than 20 provinces in China. It has receivedpositive reviews from clients. We will continue the commitment to the principleof “strict border control, in-depth defense, active monitoring, comprehensivescrutinising” and undergoing continuous renovation, so as to play our bit ofrole in the development of public security with our quality products andsolutions.

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